Monday, October 1, 2012

Fearless Jaleel King: From Shot & Paralyzed to Professional Photographer

"Please take a few minutes to watch my first short film. You will be inspired" 

Fearless Jaleel King: Against All Odds from Mike Allebach on Vimeo.

The short 4-minute-long video above is probably the most inspiring thing you’ll see today. -

"Touching and inspiring video..." -smugmug

"Every so often we all need to refill our motivational gas tank to keep us going. This 4-minute video of photographer Jaleel King will do just that for you" -

"We all spend our day to day trying to overcome our problems. Then I watch Jaleel and pause..." - Jason Groupp

Pls take a minute to watch this extremely inspiring video of Photographer and  participant :

3 years ago I helped launch a worldwide movement: . Stories like these keep me going year after year

"I love his courage and tenacity" - Mike Foster, People of the Second Chance