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Monday, April 27, 2015

Wedding Skin Care: Get Glowing

Hey this is Mike Allebach the editor at TattooedBride.com.  I know nothing about skin care so I asked fellow photographer Suzanne Collier to give some tips!  Here is what she said!
The engagement ring is how it starts. You get excited, start planning your wedding, and then the beauty regimens begin. I remember I upped my exercise, started getting facials regularly, and tried hard to detox and eat clean. 'Skinny Bitch' became the book of choice, and at one point I started to forget what carbohydrates tasted like. I thought I was crazy but my friends went crazier! Medi-Spa microdermabrasion treatments, lip injections, botox, fraxel laser treatments- I don't know which cost more, the wedding or the aesthetic prep! Weddings bring out the diva in all of us. We want to look our best for our significant other, the audience of 150 or more.
 And the lens.
That damn lens!!!

It's so unforgiving and if your photographer is a boss, like @MikeAllebach, they will have top-of-the line equipment that will turn out crisp and clean portraits that show even the slightest of stray hairs. So we prep for this lens, and the social media parade of your photog's top ten from your big day that is sure to follow. 

Most photographers will tell you (or at least I tell my brides) less is more. The most stunning bride is the one who is not made up beyond recognition. Features accentuated, eyes are clear, foundation isn't caked on, and personality shines through. 
"I want my face to look as dry as desert sand on my wedding day," said no one, ever.  It is for all of the  reasons above-the prep, the agony, the importance of feeling comfy in your own bare skin- that I chose to add skincare consulting to my profession as a photographer. That and I absolutely fell in love with the product. I've partnered with the dermatologists who created the ever-popular Proactiv products in their up-and-coming anti aging skincare line named Rodan & Fields. Now I can tell my brides that they can have heir best skin on their wedding day for only a fraction of the cost of all of those expensive treatments. The best part: the products actually work. And almost every beauty magazine- Oprah, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bride and more- are loving them. For more about Rodan & Fields in the press go here
I’m in my early 30’s, and have three kids under the age of 7.  That by itself is an uphill battle. Add to that being perpetually sleep-deprived, dehydrated, and very little grooming time and I started to look downright OLD. I was wearing my age, plus about five years. After the third- and final- baby, my skin looked dull. It was dry, my pores were bigger, I was starting to notice more fine lines and wrinkles, and I was getting random breakouts because of the backlog of dull, dead skin. Gross. Thus began my hunt for anti-aging skincare. I happened upon some before and after photos from R&F customers before I knew anything about the products. Being a photographer made me skeptical because I know what magic can be done via computer magic. I saw a few more, and what caught my attention was seeing a before and after of someone I actually knew. I was blown away. She was always a pretty girl and didn't need improvement, but the improvement her photos showed was impressive! I immediately reached out to her and she told me about Rodan + Fields and their products, and their 60 day money back guarantee.  So I thought, what's there to lose?  Nothing.  So I bought my first Anti-Age skincare regimen.  And I never looked back.  After one use I felt smoother skin.  After two weeks I looked brighter and more dewy.  After one month, my pores have shrunk, the fine lines have diminished a lot, the texture of my skin is amazing.

ME!!! That's ME!! ^^^ My between the eye wrinkles are almost gone and the best part is I'm not three months in yet! 
I haven’t had any more breakouts.  I have a new, fresh face! 
I’m spreading the word that if you want to get your skin wedding ready, or freshened up, or back to your pre-lived-in status, I can help you.  If you more information I can be reached at suzcollier@me.com.  You can also go shop around and look at the products at my shop, and if you aren’t sure which regimen or product you need, try out the solutions tool which will tell you what products are best for you.  There is a regimen called REVERSE for sun damage,

A line for acne-prone skin called UNBLEMISH:

And one for sensitive skin called SOOTHE:

and our most popular is an anti-age regimen called Redefine (which is the one I use).

Yeah. I know her ^^^! Keep in mind, her results are over a year. But if you use it morning and night, you will get these results, no Photoshop necessary. Sorry Mike.
My favorite products (and the ones I use): the redefine regimen, the night serum, the eye cream, the microdermabrasion paste, and the macro exfoliator.

The macro exfoliator is a little handheld machine that removes 5 million dead skin cells from your face in five minutes. At home. 

People have been using it over their tattoos to clean them up, and have been getting fresh-looking results.

There is also a skin roller (that kind of looks like like a torture device). It has lots of little micro needles that gently perforate your skin to promote collagen production and allow for better absorption of the product, meaning firmer skin and fewer fine lines. 

If you feel skeptical like I did, rest assured, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. And if you enroll as a preferred customer you can get a 10% discount and free shipping. Courtesy of #BossPhotog and #TattooedBrideGuy @Mike Allebach, I'll gift your one-time preferred customer fee if you reference the code mikelikesnewskin so you can start prepping for the lens asap!

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Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Allebach Photography Offers Special to Tattooed Brides

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Allebach Photography Offers Special to Tattooed Brides.   

Visit Allebach Photography's website for the best wedding photography for tattooed brides and tattooed grooms. In 2008 Allebach Photography was the first wedding photographer to offer photos and specials to tattooed brides and tattooed grooms.

Tattooed Wedding, Long Island, NY

Tattooed Couple in Easton, Pa

In studio session with tattooed client

Tattooed Boudoir at Allebach Photography

Beautiful Hair at Allebach Photography

Fun Engagement Session in West Philadelphia

Father Daughter Dance with Tattooed Bride  
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